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Forum: VOW General
Thread: International League Round 6
Post by: Fangblast(13923)
2005-05-21 05:35:31
This round will be a tag team rumble.
Belgium- (8965)
Germany- (9474)
USA- (9365)
Scotland- (4154)
England- (9449)
Australia- (3091)
Finland- (425)
Ireland- (8622)

1st place wins 10points
2nd place wins 5 points
3rd place wins 3 points
And the team who eliminates USA wins 5 points

Iíll make the rumble tomorrow.
Post by: Fangblast(13923)
2005-05-21 05:35:56
Results from the last round:
Scotland 2-0 Germany
Finland 1-1 Belgium
USA 2-0 England
Australia 2-0 Ireland
Post by: Fangblast(13923)
2005-05-21 05:36:12
League Table
Post by: Fangblast(13923)
2005-05-21 05:38:03
Random Legend Picker
Check this out:)
Post by: Kray(52284)
2005-05-21 07:16:14
Just waiting for MHV1 to accept the tag team and whoever is the captain to challenge me.
Post by: slangi(11441)
2005-05-21 08:24:52
hey theres no shame in forfeiting the final rounds afterall... USA IS JUST TOO GOOD!!! mwahahaha
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2005-05-21 16:20:32
Nice FB - love the pics for DOM and the 2 cones
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2005-05-21 17:15:31
Very nice FB... very nice :)

Found a terrific Eagle pick :)
Post by: Fangblast(13923)
2005-05-21 21:13:48
Rumble created. Iíll accept last with as much time away from the tournaments as I can.
Post by: Jaysen Chambers(46756)
2005-05-22 05:45:02
So Chaotic Theory is a cartoon.... I knew it!
Post by: Dinkus_Warrior(50201)
2005-05-22 15:38:16
we all did Jaysen...we all did

btw Fangers, what's with you being Freddy Krueger? That should've only been you if you stayed for like another 4k exp, since he's like the eternal evil or something and that would've been eternally evil to do so
Post by: Fangblast(13923)
2005-05-23 23:52:20
Itís just a cool picture I found. If anyone wants their picture changed just let me know:)
Post by: beggar(46408)
2005-05-24 17:13:26
I've GOT to make the Beast a Legend!
Post by: Version 1(26732)
2005-05-24 22:37:18
You should change one of Peter's characters, wolvie or someone to an ewok... :D
Post by: Fangblast(13923)
2005-05-25 08:37:41
1st Australia
2nd Germany
3rd Scotland

Landroval puts hick bob into a pin!




USA Tag Team is out by pin !!!

5 points to Belgium
Post by: Fangblast(13923)
2005-05-25 08:38:43
League Table
Post by: Fangblast(13923)
2005-05-25 09:27:58
See The Tag Rumble
Post by: beggar(46408)
2005-05-25 13:33:14
nice moments:

- The Beast gets pinned 6 times in the course of ... what? 20 moves? typical Beasty there
- Team Germany is defeated with ... a German Suplex ... good thing there's no Armenian Toe Stub in the game
Post by: Version 1(26732)
2005-05-25 17:33:48
Australia... woot!
Post by: Limerick(56750)
2005-05-25 17:44:49
What a crappy payout...and Ireland finishes last. Just like in real life. :-(
Post by: Lincoln(27675)
2005-05-25 17:46:43
This is the greatest day of my VOW life... all the legends of wrestling in the ring and it was the Spider, yes THE spider, who performed the Rolling Germans to win the match.

Congrats to all competitors and GO AUSTRALIA!
Post by: insane clown(11577)
2005-05-25 22:28:35
damn it england :(
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2005-05-26 00:35:30
Don't worry Beast... we will take down America, like we've done before.... (euhm?)

All Hail French Fries(that our in fact Belgian :)), Belgian Beer and Jean-Claude Vandamme!
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2005-05-26 01:42:24
Don't blame me Clown.... I didn't tap
Post by: Version 1(26732)
2005-05-26 01:53:04
Could someone remind me who won?


The rookies get the upset...
Post by: Brian Allan(45150)
2005-05-26 02:23:49
It's only fitting that Scotland would make England its biatch. :P
Post by: beggar(46408)
2005-05-26 13:58:04
"... and Jean-Claude Vandamme!"

actually, I was toying with the idea of some day making a wrestler that never makes a special and never buys a move and only fights guys that are WAY stronger then him.
Sort of a science project ... can you get to SSWO without winning a single match

I was intending this uber-looser to be called either "Jean-Claude Vandamme" or "The mussel from Brussels"
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