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Thread: Class Types
Post by: Patollo(52903)
2005-05-07 10:29:58
I am currently a donater to this fantastic game and plan to do so for some time, but in my time in the game have noticed a significant difference to tech wrestlers (Inferno being my first character) and Aerialists (Manic Diver being my second) as a tech, i'm still to win a championship as Inferno and he is border-line SSWO, and my second wreslter, Manic Diver is current SPWA Rage in a Cage champ. As a donater I find it strange that my lower ranked wrestler is able to have much more fame than my main. I don't know if this is same for others or that only pin and submission type matches are favouring tech types while the rest of the classes are favouring the others. I love the game and will stay, but if I become a legend and knowing what I do at the moment, Aerialist is definately the fave for my next class!
Post by: BubbaG(33460)
2005-05-07 12:07:07
I guess everyone has their own preferences. I had the most success with my Stiff-Neck but my new Tech is kicking some serious Butt. We'll see and I'll still got Trad to go.
Post by: Crosson(37742)
2005-05-07 12:09:35
each type has a strategy of their own. Some types match up well against other types and some bonuses are better than others, although others might say differently.

As to your issues, it could be that you are basically trying to use the same strategy for both wrestlers, which will likely not work.
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2005-05-07 16:28:53
It also depends on the people that are in the tourneys aswell.

LK before retirement only won the SSWO Trad tourney (4 times), after retirement (as an aerialist), he has already held 3 titles and won another tourney.

Same goes with my alts who have won various tourneys that LK hasn't won.
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