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Forum: VOW General
Thread: VirtualMania I
Post by: sergio(73263)
2005-03-02 20:21:46
Hi everyone! I'm creating a great competition using a professional league generator that I have from a soccer real life tourney that I actually was the Admin of. So my question first is, games would have to be played using the VOW system and I would only admin the comp. no profit! only extra fun 2 u all! Is that ok? It would hold a qualification round then a group phase and them a play-offs until the finals, I would like to start only with LAW's. If ur interested send me a mail with ur char aka name and number of ur wrester to godvitz@gmail.com and If I get up to 36 then I'll start this comp. for fun only obviously. if what I'm proposing is not cool to the VOW admins let me know and I will stop the possible extra fun... I would use this forum for the information of everything related with the tourney.
Sorry about my english!
Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2005-03-04 01:34:39
Not sure why what you're proposing has anything to do with the PLIT admins, or perhaps I just have no idea what you're proposing.
Post by: sergio(73263)
2005-03-04 22:14:37
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