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Forum: VOW General
Post by: Dyna Mike Duncan(127082)
2009-08-06 10:14:13
Mine have been removed .. along with quite a few other people's as well

This looks like a bug since the reboot as I know I follow all the votes correctly
Post by: Captain Stupendous(38517)
2009-08-06 16:11:11
I'm one of the affected and so is Darth Rozz(67201). The loss of the Bonus AP hits non-donators like me especially hard.
Post by: gwojtak(123749)
2009-08-06 16:46:06
I, too, have had my voting rights removed. :_(
Post by: lplouman09(410411)
2009-08-06 18:25:22
same here, i have got mine removed
i vote everyday
Post by: Bruiser Brody(121422)
2009-08-06 21:11:38
I have voted twice in the rotation today. I wonder why only a select number of people have been affected?
Post by: lplouman09(410411)
2009-08-06 21:17:57
its weird
Post by: Captain Stupendous(38517)
2009-08-07 07:24:00
Every time I vote on PLIT's own voting site (games.plit.dk), I get the following error message:

I'm guessing that once you start seeing this message regularly, it is only a matter of time before you lose your voting rights.
Post by: lplouman09(410411)
2009-08-07 10:21:31
peter clearly didnt check the new server for any problems/bugs with it.
Post by: Dyna Mike Duncan(127082)
2009-08-07 10:38:40
The main problem I see with this, is that those of us who have lost out voting rights, have NO way of getting them back.

We have voted correctly on the sites - this has obviously not registered as being counted (even though clicking on the link has been registered, which is why the rights have gone) .... so, the normal process of carrying on voting to get the Percentage back up again will just make things WORSE!!!!

If you've lost your voting rights .. DO NOT CARRY ON VOTING on the links until this bug is solved!
Post by: lplouman09(410411)
2009-08-07 11:47:58
ok il stop :)
Post by: lplouman09(410411)
2009-08-07 17:21:28
i noticed that other vote sites apart from Plits work still like when you vote, it counts your vote
Post by: emerald(386691)
2009-08-11 08:04:51
I just lost my voting rights when i went to vote whats goin on? i sent the mods a email but no luck can someone inform me why. when i vote it says someone already voted from my ip address and now im banned from voting explanation please someone.
Post by: Dyna Mike Duncan(127082)
2009-08-11 12:12:44
Process for voting works (something) like this ..

Click on Links in Bonus AP (Votes) Section

AP is then usually awarded automatically

Follow instructions on each link to REGISTER Votes

Voting Site then provides feedback (somehow) to Plit Games Server that voting has been carried out correctly and your Voting Percentage rate is calculated. As long as your Voting Percentage remains at a good level, your voting privileges remain.

However, since the game was switched to the new Server I BELIEVE (I don't know for certain) that the feedback from the voting sites is still being directed to the OLD server, not the new one, so regardless of how often you vote, your voting percentage will continue to fall.

Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2009-08-11 15:25:04
Haha :D
I'd love to see peter respond to this :P

Well, I just love to see peter again one day...
sigh :(
Post by: Dyna Mike Duncan(127082)
2009-08-11 16:57:21
Looks like it's fixed now .....

Well, mine is at least :D
Post by: lplouman09(410411)
2009-08-11 18:56:40
mine is too
looks like pete has noticed
plus hes updated the game a little
Post by: lplouman09(410411)
2009-08-13 00:14:30
captain stupendous what you posted that image just then.. i got it too again despite our privileges are back
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