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Thread: Why did you name your char what you did?
Post by: Impacter(343349)
2008-07-19 20:34:25
Why did you name your char/chars what you did. I named one The Impacter because Impacter means somone who impacts and i wanted to make an impact. and i added the The because i had just detatched

then i named one of my alts Viking because i am norwegian.

and the other alt Marcus Airbourne because sounds cool (marcus is not my name) and i do realize airborne is spelled wrong but thats because it looks more like a last name like that. just thought it would be fun to know
Post by: bla ulv(108040)
2008-07-25 12:18:57
lol I think this is interesting also, so here's my reasons.

BLACK WOLF 1- I love wolves, and after detaching her several times in the beginning I ended up having to put a 1 at the end so I could keep the name.

SWEET REVENGE - she's not as good as I intended, but I created her to beat up on all you guys. :( I was having a bad day towards guys, sorry. lol

KATZ - is in memory of a cat my mom had, his name was katzen. Gentle as he was with us kids, he was king in the neighborhood with dogs and other cats.
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2008-07-25 14:27:47
LK: An old G-Fed character I used, was made long before the WWE came up with Orton. Heck, I used a lot of names which came up long before companies did.

Joe: Fire Pro Wrestling, I was stuck for a name and this one seemed to fit. The originals were awesome but I always detached.

Joker: No idea. No connection to Batman, maybe something to do with the CZW Joker.
Post by: Dyna Mike Duncan(127082)
2008-07-25 15:41:32
Dyna Mike Duncan ... was the name of one of the boxers on Barry McGuigan's Boxing game for the Spectrum :P

Genesis 1 ... was using the tag line 'This is just the Beginning' for DMD on an e-fed once, so Genesis was an evolvement of that.

Valkyrie KD ... Val Kyrie was the name of a female assassin in a book I read once. Added the 'KD' for another e-fed storyline ... KD standing for Kelly Duncan :P Was going to detach her after a few weeks once the storyline had run its course .... oh well, best laid plans and all that :P
Post by: Switchblade(375736)
2008-07-25 21:54:41
I did off a guy i was was playing with on a pc game
Post by: yar(35506)
2008-07-25 23:30:26
DARKLORD, just a cool name, no reasl story behind it.
Post by: Captain Stupendous(38517)
2008-07-26 00:46:41
Captain Stupendous was once the high-flying sidekick of Doctor Pain in WWF Wrestlemania for the N64. While Captain Stupendous once idolized the Doctor and certainly shared the Doctor's love of KFC, pie, and body lotion, the two inevitably parted ways when Doctor Pain embarked upon the path to becoming a megalomaniac super-villain bent on taking over the world whereas the good Captain chose the life of a superhero.

The rest is history... sweet, greasy, and sexy history.
Post by: bigpig(104244)
2008-07-26 02:02:05
Big Pig is my cat's nickname. His real name is Pignose but everyone just calls him Pig or Big Pig. I don't think he actually likes the name, but he's almost 10 years old so there's not much that can be done about it now. :@)
Post by: frog man(276746)
2008-07-26 13:59:07
Frog man - I was out of ideas for an account name and it just came to me one day :P

The Unabomber - The Nickname of Phil "The Unabomber" laak a charasmatic poker player xD

Mike V - I used it because it was originaly Mike Vallely (which i used because I looked at my skateboard when thinking of an account name =P) but i deatched so i wanted to still use the banner i made for him :P
Post by: jmallonee(34807)
2008-07-27 12:56:22
madness to the max.
actually I have an anger control problem. or used to.
the name seemed to fit.
Post by: BubbaG(33460)
2008-07-28 16:21:19
I don't remember my very first guy (I'm sure I staffed everyone and was a complete noob).

But I got the inspiration for Bubba Gump from another wrestler here on VOW, the Vegetarian. Plus I love to cook so it just ran from there.

Leigh Steinberg, Bubba needed an agent with all of his endorsement deals. So who better than the Greatest Sports Agent of All Time.

What is my Name...
I just loved getting challenges saying "Your name is LOSER" or some other witty remark. Had fun with this guy. Sending out challenges like "One thing kids like is to be tricked. For instance, I was going to take my little nephew to Disneyland, but instead I drove him to an old burned-out warehouse. "Oh, no," I said. "Disneyland burned down." He cried and cried, but I think that deep down, he thought it was a pretty good joke. I started to drive over to the real Disneyland, but it was getting pretty late."

Ahh the good old days.

Post by: Captain Stupendous(38517)
2008-07-29 00:30:04
I remember that Disneyland story! It was, and still is, hilarious.
Post by: TheIceman(289927)
2008-07-30 15:49:20
Big Daddy - I couldn't think of anything else. :/ I know, I'm creative.
Post by: Mad Bear(46310)
2008-08-01 14:22:09
Mount Fuji - because someone had Mr Fuji
Post by: AstonS(157769)
2008-08-03 19:07:41
Technicalist - ._. wanted to start with tech style...... lawl.

Never thought i'd retire and go Aerial,
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-08-05 13:10:24
Aiden Gore - cos my name's Aiden and 'Gore' so i could use the spec 'Goregasm'

Untamed Beast - i made it when i was a noob lul.

Farmer Bill - Cos he farms, along with his old chums, Farmer Jim, Farmer Dave, Farmer Karl, And all the others that i forgotted.
Post by: StreetShaman(377467)
2008-08-05 14:54:47
Street Shaman - It pretty much describes me to a tee. =o)
Post by: gwojtak(123749)
2008-08-14 13:38:01
Eric The Torture - I just created him after I detached my first character, Thor the Boston. I don't know what that means, but ETT's name was nothing more than a spur of the moment decision.

When I had a brief stint as a donator, I also had:
DORKLORD (A tribute to Ray :)
Dyna Mike Duggan (A tribute to John :)
The Agony Captain and The Gerbil Exploder were names that Captain Stupendous suggested to me.

Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-08-14 20:49:39
"BLACK WOLF 1- I love wolves, and after detaching her several times in the beginning I ended up having to put a 1 at the end so I could keep the name. "

Ever met one? They aren't so friendly ;)
Post by: Coneman(325)
2008-08-23 03:44:10
I named it this because I'd detached my old coneman one.. and my other preferred name i already had in a multi.. ooh.
Post by: kayjaybarackus(398698)
2009-07-19 10:07:20
Cobrita: Is a nickname off of the first Fight Night game for xbox. Sounded cool then and still sounds cool now.

Lethal Leigh Brown: Was a mistake now i look back on it. I named it after an Australian rules legend named Leigh Mathews who's nickname was lethal. I mixed him up with a player that played for my team (North Melbourne Kangaroos) called Leigh Brown. Therefore Lethal Leigh Brown was born.

Jake The Muss: Always wanted this character since I watched Once Were Warriors. Haven't seen it? Then your missin out =D
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