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Thread: loss of another donator-VOW is dying and peter does'nt care.
Post by: yar(35506)
2008-06-24 12:38:35
In the last 5 years I have sat and watchs several vets quit donating, and even more leave the game, the few changes we have had have been to the benefit of new players who usually dont donate or even stick around that long. I understand that new players are important, but where is the loyalty to long term players and donators especially?
I have came to the conclusion that Peter doesnt care, he just wants to line his pockets from the few donators he has left. And ignore the complaints from long term donators. If you ask me he is cutting his own throat. the server might be paid for now, but when that runs out, what is he going to do? Pay for the server himself? Dont make me laugh, there will come a point where we will try to log on only to find the game has been shut down and I doubt he will even tell anyone before it happens!
There have been people who offered to buy the game and make the appropriate changes, but he would'nt sell or make the changes that needed to be made to compete with other games.
So when my current donation runs out I wont donate any more. Congrats peter you have lost another long term donator. I wont leave the game as I have many friends here. But I am not going to donate money to a dying game. There are other games on the World Wide Web who care about the player base and making the "right" changes when needed that I know will appriciate my money alot more than Peter.
There was a time when peter cared about the game, when the donators were putting food on his table when he was unemployed, But now that he manages plit, I guess he doesnt need us peones that play his game and donate money to see improvements. It has got even worse lately, it use to be that you could atleast donate money to get ap so you could fight more matchs, but as hard as it is to get matchs now, it just is'nt worth donating any money to the game.
What vow needs is a overhaul not some update. It doesnt need a patch that wont fix anything.I know he wont listen as he never does. But maybe if all the donators would stick together and boycott donating till he made the changes that are needed, maybe that would get his attention. I know that will never happen though.
I am really saddened at the state of VOW.
Post by: Captain Stupendous(38517)
2008-06-24 14:54:37
As much as I agree with your sentiment and truly want to see VOW and all of PLIT evolve, I feel that I must also play the devil's advocate to balance out the discussion.

There are new donators. You might not know them personally (I don't either), but they exist.

Donating to PLIT is like investing in a video game. You pay for it, have fun with it for as much as possible, and then you move on to the next activity because the entire experience remains static and you are inevitably driven by a need to try something different. It's not the business model that all browser-based games emulate, but it's a model that works since the quality of VOW is compelling enough to warrant at least a donation or two.

Finally, the best defense I have in support of Peter is that he is a family man. When you have to balance a regular job with a wife and kids, you are certainly allowed to prioritize real life over your hobbies.

Does VOW need an overhaul? Sure it does! However, are there good reasons that it's barely changed in the past few years?

Yes. Yes there are.
Post by: jmallonee(34807)
2008-06-24 15:06:42
well as some people know I have already sent peter an email stating that I wont be donating anymore. unless some changes are made. I have donated atleast a thousand dollars for the past few years, per year.
I wont be leaving but I will use my donations as a motivator for improving the game. and while I agree that he has to balance things out. when someone starts takeing a minimum of 1000.00 off of the table that could go for food or clothing. most people would atleast look at it.
so I hope with some of the donators with holding their donations it will motivate peter to make some appropriate changes and if not. that's ok. I can play one character without the benefits of being a donator.
I am not mad but I believe that when someone invests something that the owner has a certain obligation to it's investors. that's how the real world works.
Post by: Captain Stupendous(38517)
2008-06-24 15:13:23
Yes, money does talk and I support both of you for taking your stances. I guess we'll see what happens in the end.
Post by: jmallonee(34807)
2008-06-24 15:17:58
ok :) while money does talk, if peter sees it as someone trying to force him to do something he doesnt want to do. I dont see it working. but, if he sees it as a motivation to improve something he started then I think he might make an improvement.
it's his call really. he has to weigh in his own mind what is best for him, his family and the vow community, pretty much in that order, all though he put his family first then himself then the vow community. but either way it is his decision and I dont think for a moment that we will force him to do anything. and that isn't what I was trying to do. only offer him some motivation to make some improvements.
Post by: penguinlover(294552)
2008-06-24 16:21:22
Toy Soldier.
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2008-06-24 16:55:30
First of all, I'm going to vent some annoyance. When people claim they can't ever get matches, that's just a sign of idleness and a lack of being able to go to the player list. That is the one pet peev I have with people.

Right, now to matters in hand. Yes, Peter has an access issue, we all know that. However, as others have said, when you try to hold down a full time job which takes you across the Europe and Asia, you'll find it difficult to get things done.

Sometimes, I see people using donations as blackmail. "Give us what we want or we revolt" sort of stance, and that's what this thread is about. I've been here a long time and that's one of the most overused threats you can make. People only look at things with a tunnel vision when it comes to what they spend money on. I spend a lot of money on poker, I get beat a lot, but I don't say that I'm quitting because things aren't going my way. I sit back, think about what's happening and take a break. I can then come back to the same game with a fresh outlook.

No offense intended, but people continually threaten to withdraw donations, only to then send a few hundred dollars to Peter when they realise they're missing out again.

However, I agree that the game needs some work. But again, people are expecting Peter to have masses of time, and when changes aren't what someone wants, the toys come out of the pram again. Great example, move dependencies; could add new strategy to the game, but because it doesn't suit the laissez-faire of the game, people are complaining and threatening to leave.

If players actually back what is being proposed, and give a little assistance, maybe Peter will reel out the changes. Players are wanting huge changes in one swoop, but won't accept little changes over time.

And if people think my views are unacceptable, well then I don't apologise, I'm a loyal player and one who will wait over time. Just like the Guiness advert.

/end rant
Post by: jmallonee(34807)
2008-06-24 17:26:15
all I know is that in the real world. that you have to know your market.
and if you don't know your market or make time to give your market what they ask for. You will find that your profit will start to go down. if changes still aren't made your business will close.
that's real life.
clients dont care about your personal life. it's all about can you meet the need's of your client base. if not they will go somewhere else.
when you are talking about laying out money, there need's to be some return for it. it could be entertainment or profit or a various other ways of that return. but if it is on auto pilot for too long. the percieved return on investment will fade and the investers will invest elsewhere, leaving you to your percieved priorities.
I dont have a problem with being a non donator if peter doesn't have a problem with just leaving the game as it is.
my opinion wasn't meant to be personal. it was meant to be motivation.
and I can and will stick to my "I wont donate unless changes are made" I have been here awhile. and I dont want to see the game just die. because it doesnt have too.
Post by: yar(35506)
2008-06-24 18:50:54
The oldest argument in vow peter has a life too. Who cares really. when was the last time you went to a store and said wow that is really high priced, but i will buy it anyway cause i am concerned about the owner of the store instead of going to walmart and getting it for 30% off?
The olny people who even tell this lie are the ones who like brown nosing the owner.
The player list, your pet peeve, like your someone who's opinion counts, your no body special. And i could care less what you like and dont like. The truth is, like it or not that matchs are not as easy to come by as they were a few years ago.
If peter doesnt feel any responsibility to the game he owns then he should sell it. I am holding him responsible for the state of VOW and plit, be cause he is the one to blame!
And I dont care if you, the pope or anyone else likes it, he has been irresponsible long enough, either sell the game or do what it needs!
The unsilent majority.
Post by: insane clown(11577)
2008-06-24 19:56:00
i have donated over $1000 since the game started and this is my last time now. I love the game hence i keep coming back when i have the oppertunity i love the extra you get for donating aswell but the extra ap is usless now as you dont get enough matches.
I ask for matches on chat and i challange pretty much anybody in any league as i get bored just waiting for people my level come on.
I remember when i started in jan 04 that i was getting annoyed because i didnt have enough ap to accept all the matches.
Little changes i belive are no good now i think there needs to be a big change and then little ones on top of that.
I dont think emailing peter will work tho he dosent usually care what people think.

Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2008-06-24 20:11:00
Well at least Peter isn't doing what FaceParty are doing, now that would be classic.
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-06-24 21:01:03

If i go to the shop and buy a game, i pay what like 30 ($60) for a decent game over 9000x better than VOW. Normally i'd buy an game with online play so i'm getting my moneys worth. Now VOW is multiplayer and online and offers nothing but a cycle of.. 'fight matches' - 'buy moves' - 'fight matches' - 'buy moves' But then... wait one second, slow down there sonny we're forgetting that we can break this cycle with 'retire' and then back to 'fight matches' - 'buy moves' YAAAAAAAAAAAAWN.

This is why i donate little amounts when i need to because the boring endless cycle (in which you acheive nothign except 'lol i retired moars den j00 dat makes me kewel') just doesn't cut it in todays market.

So basically my point is, your paying for this load of crap, if you don't like it stop paying and go and buy something worthwhile, or get a hobby. Coming on here and complaining like you do makes you seem so pathetic. Knowing the ages of some of you here it makes me feel mature to see how much you are BAWWING 'oh noez dey be no matches for mah points of da action'

tl;dr (grow up)

To some this thread up: Grown men cry about pixels.
Post by: BubbaG(33460)
2008-06-24 21:08:06
I enjoyed googling faceparty and seeing the first line. Very Nice.

So does anyone know someone that can get me a Super Secret Password. (Don't tell my wife)

Post by: yar(35506)
2008-06-24 22:01:06
In case you dont know being grown up means standing up for what you think is right, not just complaining to yourself. I am trying to make a differance. And in order to make a differance someone has to speak out about what is wrong. I am a loyal fan to the game, and have been for many years. And I have no plans of going any where.
if people just act like everything is ok, then peter wont even think about making the right changes.
Be part of the solution, not the problem.
Post by: Dyna Mike Duncan(127082)
2008-06-24 23:39:05
Why do people donate in the first place? To support the game in its current status, to gain the advantages/benefits that donation brings - probably the two major reasons (if not the only two reasons)

If people are no longer happy with the state of the game and/or don't want to take advantage of the benefits, don't donate anymore - there's no need for this to become a reason for players to attack each other on here.

Would I like to see changes made? HELL YES!!!!
Do I think Peter is shirking his responsibilities to VOW? Again, HELL YES!!!

Many suggestions have been made, and virtually all of them APPEAR TO GO UNANSWERED! (A response from veteran players or a Mod just doesn't cut it!) The fact that players donate, make suggestions, offer potenial solutions and they get IGNORED by the person they have been supporting for so long is the truly annoying part of all this to me.

It appears that nothing can be done without Peter's approval - no new developments, complaints/criticisms of his Mod Team going unresolved/not investigated etc etc as nothing gets answered. THIS HAS TO CHANGE! Peter needs to become more involved or pass the reins over to somebody who will be more involved - whether this means selling up, bringing in a partner or just naming somebody as his 'CEO' with all the 'powers' that Peter he himself has (had?) ... that's his call.

No need to fight amongst ourselves about this - I think we can all agree that changes have to be made and the person in charge has to be visible and should answer to those players who invest their time + money into this game.
Post by: yar(35506)
2008-06-25 06:19:23
Well said. :)
Post by: tbragu(97303)
2008-06-25 07:21:05
Ok, Time for Mike's two cents on this. I have been here three years, and donated the whole time, and plan to continue to do so. However, as a donater, I feel the right to say I would like to see some changes to this game made. I Have emailed Peter, and nailed him down for a few discussions with ideas, and often gotten no response, or broken promises.

If he were to say the game will just stay as is, I wouldn't be upset. But he has said, and more than once that there will be changes, yet they haven't happened. That is my main anger. I will never argue with someone making a decision over their own money, in fact I will always support it.
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