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Thread: When do you go from LAW to next Fed thingy?
Post by: killalot363(361660)
2008-05-04 01:38:09
Ive searched everywhere for a thread talking about this and found nothing can someone help?
Post by: denzil(82151)
2008-05-04 09:19:14
its all apart of your exp level. you start on 0 and when you hit 250 exp your leveling up. when you hit 800 your leveling up. 2000 exp your leveling up. 4000 exp your leveling up. allso buff in the gym too. you will need money and ap to do this. or just ap if you turn off your trainners for a bit. this is in the gym i am talking about. allso try to get matchs no more than 10% more than your own exp. it makes for better matchs and you get more exp per win if your exp is =. you allways get one if you loos. try the player list to find laws of your own league ok. good luck
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