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Thread: New move descriptions
Post by: PLIT Staff(264786)
2007-11-20 11:41:48
Hi all

Recently, we added a new batch of move descriptions into the match engine. However, we have noticed a few minor problems with some descriptions. This thread is so that you can post any incorrect descriptions, and also to suggest a few new descriptions which may be added into the game.

We are also working on adding some counter descriptions, the ETA for this is post-Christmas.

PLIT Staff

Edit: It would be helpful if the move descriptions are copy and pasted here. Thanks.
Post by: lw09(314821)
2007-11-20 14:18:49
During a spear, towards the end of the move it says:

'He went through him like grass through a goose!'

Not sure if it's incorrect, but it doesn't seem right to me. :\
Post by: Dyna Mike Duncan(127082)
2007-11-20 15:19:55
I think the description for the Shoulder Block is wrong - sounds very much like a Spinning Punch move to me
Post by: Me(316143)
2007-11-20 16:04:15
either moonsault or shooting star mentions landing on supine form. Do you mean landing with sublime form?
Post by: Dyna Mike Duncan(127082)
2007-11-21 11:46:22
'Wrestler leans prostate in the corner'

I think this should be prostrate lol - and is the description for Stomp

(Thanks to Milenko for pointing this one out :P)
Post by: Benoit(233005)
2007-11-21 16:39:38
"Round and round Pennylane goes, I think his fist just broke nose! The Shoulder Tackle hits for 1!"

I think you're right John :P
Post by: denzil(82151)
2007-11-21 21:41:16
Con The Fruiterer follows Iron Monkey as he runs into the ropes and performs a fancy-looking handspring, smashing the rebounding Iron Monkey in the face with a Handspring Elbow for 6 as he comes back to a vertical base!

A hand spring ? what. I think its ment to be a Hand spring Elbow. A small fix guys.

Con The Fruiterer grabs arm under his own and steps around behind him. Con The Fruiterer hooks a leg over thigh and tightens his grip, placing Iron Monkey in a painful Abdominal Stretch for 8.
Iron Monkey slips out of the move.

this should be writen slightly difrent. it does not sound right at the start.

This does not read right. there is a little gramer wrong here.

Con The Fruiterer presses his body close up against back and grabs him around the waist, lifting him up and dropping him in a Back Suplex for 10.

i have made a adjustment. my change is the second one.

Iron Monkey captures leg. Con The Fruiterer hops about and pleads for mercy, but Iron Monkey grins maliciously and nods his head. Iron Monkey then torques ankle and brings him to the ground with a Dragon Leg Screw for 1!

Iron Monkey snares the leg. Con The Fruiterer hops about and pleads for mercy, but Iron Monkey grins maliciously and nods his head. Iron Monkey then torques ankle and brings him to the ground with a Dragon Leg Screw for 1!

This is a small touch up so it reads better. the grammer did not sound right on my reader. my edit is the second one.

With Iron Monkey down, now itís a chance to capitalize. Con The Fruiterer quickly backs into the corner and hops onto the second rope. Con The Fruiterer leaps off and hits a Second Rope Leg Drop for 2.

My version is the second one.

Round and round Vladimir the Impaler goes, I think his fist just broke nose! The Shoulder Tackle hits for 4!

Round and round Vladimir The Impaler goes, I think his fist just broke his nose! The Shoulder Tackle hits for 4

This one just does not sound right on my reader. see below.

KnightMoves is lying supine... Con The Fruiterer capitalizes and grabs ankles and hooks them, stepping over into a Boston Crab for a painful 7!
Post by: detroit maniac(233270)
2007-11-22 09:10:17
"KATZ thrusts head between his legs! I don't like where this is going... YOUNG GANGSTA is lifted into the air and is brought down with a thundering Power Bomb for 9!"

I think there should be a 'his' between thrusts and head. I might be wrong though, never was good at grammar :P
Post by: lw09(314821)
2007-11-22 21:11:14
Dirty Dave leans prostate in the corner! TheShaffer walks over and angrily a mudhole right into face and chest for 1!

Another fix for Stomp. 'Angrily a mudhole'
Post by: Bret Hart(73101)
2007-11-23 04:08:21
Read the above post, that's why I'm here... Should say stomps somewhere in there. The shoulder tackle is my other problem. Round and round he goes I think he just broke nose with his fist?

I have to ask this. Is there any way to change Back Brain Kick to Enziguri and Ring Rope Clothesline Snap to Hot Shot as those are the proper wrestling names for it I believe. Flipping Face Slam should also be called "Facebuster" not sure if it's two words or not. Sorry if you're not changing any names, but I figured I'd give it a shot as these move names have always bothered me.

Speaking of Flipping Face Slam, it has always been one of my favorite moves for some reason so I'll try and do a description if you need one:

His opponet is going for a powerbomb, he lifts Edifier up for it, but Edifier is having none of it as he grabs his opponet's head and comes crashing down with it into the mat with the Flipping Face Slam! (Which will hopefully be called Facebuster.)

Top Rope Splash - His opponet's down, Edifier is heading to the top rope. What's he going do? Did you see that?! Edifier just leaped off the top rope and connected with the Top Rope Splash!

They're probably not very good descriptions on my part, but I can't say I'm too good at descriptions LOL.
Post by: Bret Hart(73101)
2007-11-23 04:32:06
Here's some more...

Ankle Lock - His opponet's down, Edifier grabs the ankle and wrenches in a devastating ankle lock! If his opponet doesn't break that hold, Edifier's going to break his ankle!

Head Butt - Edifier just drove his own head into his opponet's with that Head Butt! That's what I call a head on collision!

Big Boot - Edifier whips his opponet into the ropes and when he returns Edifier's boot awaits. He's got to be busted open after that one!

Bite - I think Edifier is hungry as he's just feasting on his opponet's flesh with that bite!

Also... I don't think the roid rage mention with Gorrilla Press Slam is going to go over too well after the Benoit thing, etc. Just my opinion.
Post by: detroit maniac(233270)
2007-11-23 09:56:24
Wait, I thought you cant get busted open in VOW, and the Bite is just a little bit too disturbing on my part :P See, I can construct criticism
Post by: Bret Hart(73101)
2007-11-23 17:59:13
LOL! It probably won't make it into the description, but I think we definitely need some blood. Perhaps even a first blood match. In my opinion we also need some weapons, but that's for another thread. :P
Post by: Benoit(233005)
2007-11-23 18:09:54
*sighs* I would check for incorrect move descriptions, but I'm out of AP.... If I had some more AP I;d be able to check *hint hint*

Oh and didn't Peter already say weapons wouldn't be in VOW?
Post by: lw09(314821)
2007-11-23 19:48:58
flame burner and Dirty Dave are staring each other down. OH! flame burner shows Dirty Dave no respect and him across the face for 1!

Shouldn't there be a Slaps somewhere in there? Maybe before 'him across the face for 1!'
Post by: Captain Stupendous(38517)
2007-11-23 20:59:24
I'd like to see the damage values in BOLD PRINT so that those who want to quickly zero in on the numbers can easily do so.
Post by: Bret Hart(73101)
2007-11-24 00:59:30
I'm with capn on the bold print thing.
Post by: Nacho Man(328076)
2007-11-24 18:04:18
So there can't be blood in V.O.W? I always thought you had to have a certain move. It would add a bit more taste to V.O.W's moves if you could knock some blood out of another character every now an' then.
Post by: denzil(82151)
2007-11-25 02:30:25
did not like the royed coment in the match. its not needed. Slap really needs a work over. it was a very um light
coment on weman

i have seen plenty gram a errors so far.
Balding would help me. even make my reader say the dmg louder too. lol it gets exsited.

any one here use IE7? there is a addon now for IE7 called IE7 Pro. its giveing IE a spell check. but lol i still suck at spelling.
Post by: The Sniper(27754)
2008-02-04 16:23:28
IE7!? Firefox FTW!
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-02-04 18:52:01
IE7 FTW!!!!!!!11
Post by: PLIT Staff(264786)
2008-03-10 15:50:05
Most of the suggestions above will be added into the game when the next batch of move commentaries go into place. Still got a lot more to write, so more suggestions are welcome.

With Easter coming up, hopefully myself and the other mods can get at least another 50-100 commentary lines into the game. We are also looking for counter suggestions to add into the game along the following lines.

"Edifier places Dyna Mike Duncan's head between his legs looking for a Powerbomb, but Dyna Mike Duncan counters with a Back Body Drop for 5 damage."

Yes, I know that DMD might not have Back Body Drop yet, but when you're trying to counter, you'll do anything.

Thanks and happy gaming.
PLIT Staff
Post by: The Awakening(145874)
2008-06-17 14:33:30
Not really a move description but in the stable it says

Currently the stable 'have' ****** $.
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-06-17 20:06:16
should be 'was' xxxxD
Post by: The Awakening(145874)
2008-06-19 00:08:24
lol, no legendary wolf, i think the correct way to word it would be to put

Currently the stable 'Orange level 12' ****** $.
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-06-19 21:13:45
No Nick i think you'll find it's.

Currently the stable's got some moneys!!!
Post by: The Awakening(145874)
2008-06-20 21:11:34
lets just agree to agree that im right and change it to

'Lul, YuR StehBul h4z g0tz n0 munniey$, n00b;
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-06-20 23:10:02
Agreed. xD
Post by: The Awakening(145874)
2008-06-24 10:01:59
Recordings : TITLE MATCH
AutoHeal: Technical Awakening uses 20 Ap for healing 40 damage
The Red Devil sits the downed Technical Awakening upright, then clamps a hand on either side of Technical Awakening's head and begins to apply all the pressure he can muster with a painful Head Vice for 1.

Why was i laying down to start a title match? Damn, gotta get my head in the game. Still won the LAW Rage in a Cage if any one was wondering =D
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-06-24 21:02:53
Post by: kayjaybarackus(398698)
2009-09-12 06:55:55
Hmmm i was just thinking and you know what would be quality.

Because of all the different ways some of the moves can be done (piledriver for example) when you choose to spec it, you should be able pick one of the different ways it can be done. With a different move description for each. Going from a tombstone piledriver to Triple H's double underhook to the old school piledriver.

Double Underhooks = "Captain Stupendous gets a boot to the gut and has his head driven between KAYJAYBARACKUS's knees. KAYJAYBARACKUS hooks Captain Stupendous arms behind his head and the crowd knows whats coming! Wow! What a Piledriver, that's gotta be it!"

Tombstone = "Captain Stupendous looks out of it and Cobrita is going to capitalize, lifting his opponent from the waist and turning him upside down! I don't like where this is going, Bam Cobrita drops to his knees and drives Captain Stupendous head into the mat! What a huge Piledriver!"

I know this is not very practical now with alot of moves still missing a description but it would be nice to see as the game progress's.

*Kane appologises for the subpar move description*
Post by: Bulldog Butcher(330287)
2009-09-12 17:04:25
Leave the dead threads alone! But I do like the idea... too bad it's a lost cause now :P
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