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Forum: VOW General
Thread: SSWO Traditionalist Championship
Post by: bla ulv(108040)
2007-10-03 10:01:44
anyone know why this tourney seems to be stuck? lol It's a little peeving to join a tourney and find that it never runs, I can't even get my money back. :(
Post by: Dyna Mike Duncan(127082)
2007-10-03 10:10:05
I'm in the same position with the SSWO Aerial Tourney - and I guess the SN, PG + Tech tourneys run almost as infrequently these days
Post by: camilorios26(228307)
2007-10-03 18:44:49
I think that Peter should quit the Trad+Aerial+SN+PG+Tech tourneys from SSWO and put it on VWO or PWO

Another option would be create a thread in this forum for infrom to the people that joins to a "X" tourney for can get some people and can run all the tourneys fastly
Post by: detroit maniac(233270)
2007-10-03 21:58:01
*Cries* Why won't the SSWO tech tourney run?!?

I have been a huge fan of the start dates for tourneys if they don't have 8 people. I could honestly care less if only 2 people join, yeah, it's not much of a tournament, but it will give a reason to join, because you will end up fighting. I'd rather not join a tourney when I join SSWO and never fight in it, and lose the $500 because I got promoted.

Just my little frustration rant :D
Post by: denzil(82151)
2007-10-04 02:17:15
never gona happen but i do think Peter might think about placeing in bots to be in the tounys after one week of idelness. if 6 players have been waitting 3 weeks for this torny to run there should be a bot or 3 to make up the the ranks. at least this way it will run.
Post by: bla ulv(108040)
2007-10-04 09:35:37
The trad tourney isn't even an option for my other chars though, *looks guilty* the trad tourney had 7 in it and I was gonna put my other SSWO in it, but it wasn't in the list of tournies for her to enter. :(
Post by: Dyna Mike Duncan(127082)
2007-10-04 10:35:20
If the Mods Wrestlers are still active (Cobra Commander etc.) they could be used to pad out some of the tourneys :P

Give each tourney a week to fill up after each title match - if the new tourney hasn't attracted 8 entrants by that point, add in some 'ghost' wrestlers to make up the numbers so that it does start - or just start it anyway with however many wrestlers have joined it at that point.

The only possible downside of this is for the future champions is that they may not earn as much cash for being the title holder as past champions have done.
Post by: bla ulv(108040)
2007-10-04 13:44:22
but that is the whole problem other than being listed in the list of tournies, on my other chars, it's not listed as an option to enter along with the other tournies. and it has been weeks since I have entered it. I want my money back!!! lol
Post by: denzil(82151)
2007-10-06 04:25:02
no it is not going to happen. Peter asked that the mod acounts not be used in game for any reason. there was a complaint or 3 over mods getting free stuff. so its just chat for them now and aneswering questions.
Post by: camilorios26(228307)
2007-10-06 22:38:30
Now showing an example of my idea, plz two SSWO plz join to the aerialist tourney, there only left two spots for can start

Post by: bla ulv(108040)
2007-10-07 01:51:35
Denz, I have no clue what you are talking about, it has been at least three weeks since I have entered the trad tourney and I was the 7th person to enter. Apparently I am not explaining this right, but looking at the tournies, there is currently no one holding the trad belt, and that tourney isn't listed as an option for my other SSWO to join. I give up, the game took 500 for me entering a tourney that evidently is never going to run, or if it does, then the char I have entered will no longer be a SSWO. So I have lost 500 that could have been spent towards moves.
Post by: detroit maniac(233270)
2007-10-07 11:31:04
That does suck. I entered the SSWO tech tourney when I was at 2500 exp and now I'm past 3300. I doubt it'll run before I get to VWO, So I have a suggestion. We should be able to enter a tourney, but later have the option of leaving. This could solve 2 things. You could leave a tourney that you accidentally entered, or you can leave a tourney that you think will never run. But I don't fell you should get a full refund of your entry fee. maybe 75% of it.
Post by: yar(35506)
2007-10-07 12:57:58
I think the point is that no one can join the tourny because there is no option to join the sswo trad tourny anymore, so it cant run with 7 people joined and no one else can join cause the button to join that tourny is gone.
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2007-10-08 17:48:00
I still have the button with my Trad. I'll post a screenshot if you want proof.
Post by: Dyna Mike Duncan(127082)
2007-10-08 18:53:25
Am I reading this wrong? The Trad Tourney join button can only be seen by Traditional style wrestlers can't it?
Post by: bla ulv(108040)
2007-10-09 13:29:09
I hope not, it'll never ever run. :(
Post by: Captain Stupendous(38517)
2007-10-09 15:46:03
Yes, only Trads can join the Trad tournaments. They are otherwise invisible to the other styles.
Post by: Koi(148518)
2009-01-12 23:24:48
I think I have been the SSWO Trad champ as long as this thread has been made.
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2009-01-14 11:30:59
Wow, can't you leave a thread alone? Talk about thread necromancy.
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2009-01-15 11:30:44
Ben, that's something else...
It also starts with necro...

Something with love :)
Don't interrupt him. It's dangerious...
Post by: Koi(148518)
2009-01-16 23:00:07
Just about all the threads are dead. Do you not want me to post at all?
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2009-01-18 11:31:37
Short Answer?
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