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Forum: VOW General
Thread: Tag Team League.
Post by: JoseBagg(296798)
2007-09-18 18:08:38
We currently don't have anything like a tag tourney or tag league. In the past, an unofficial tag tourney was fought. I think it would be fun to do and unofficial tag team league.

What I propose is very simple and does not require any extra work or roleplaying. Just post in this thread if you want to participate. That way, anyone who wants to play Tag Team matches can come here and find a suitable match instead of trolling through the boards or the unmanagable list of tag teams.

Lets post the team name, the id, and the lowest and highest exp (approx) for the players in the team.

Example of the proper way to post a tag team.

"Ex Ample Boys".....ID=123456......Exp "1205-1500"

Send a message and a challenge to your desired foe and give them a day or two to accept.

Good luck, lest make this work.

P.S. I need a partner. So somebody ask me.
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