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Forum: VOW General
Thread: First to 10 Wins Challenge (Open Challenge)
Post by: Bret Hart(73101)
2007-09-17 05:58:39
Ok, I'm issuing a first to 10 wins challenge, but only for LMS or cage matches. How it works is simple... First person to obtain 10 wins is the winner. So, it could go a maximum of 19 matches, or a minimum of 10. Of course it will take a few days to complete a challenge with each person, but... whoever beats me in this challenge I will mark their names down and when I retire I will put them down as my greatest opponets on my retirement page. If you're taking the challenge then when you send please put, "10 win challenge" in the challenge text. You'll have to send them all to me (One at a time or all at once, I don't care.) I will definitely not decline anyone. :)

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