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Thread: Is there...
Post by: The Producer(285013)
2007-04-27 02:02:40
Is there some sort of cutter (Diamond Cutter, RKO) in move arsenal, in the locker rooms, thansk in advance.

Is it also true that move prices go back up after you buy a new move or not.
Post by: Captain Stupendous(38517)
2007-04-27 02:38:42
The Neckbreaker is probably the closest move to the Diamond Cutter.

You can read the Moves List page of the manual to learn about move pricing.
Post by: The Producer(285013)
2007-04-28 04:02:11
Was going to as about an Air Raid Siren (Celtic Cross/ Emerald Fusion) as well, but will try and find myyself, a little help would be greatly appretiated though :)
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