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Forum: VOW General
Thread: hi new dude
Post by: maxamania(278572)
2007-03-28 11:01:47
hi im new i was wondering how we fight
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2007-03-28 11:22:06
Post by: johnny boy(260566)
2007-03-28 12:59:24
hey ben do you spend all of your time on the forums or does it just seem like it
Post by: yar(35506)
2007-03-28 13:07:10
Read the Wiki manual!
Post by: Captain Stupendous(38517)
2007-03-28 16:47:22
I like pie.
Post by: Syrjis(80123)
2007-03-28 20:35:55
ben? When did Ben reply to this thread?

PS. Pie is good.
Post by: johnny boy(260566)
2007-03-29 23:33:00
legendary wolf(38655) is ben look at the topic real names or what you want to be called on vow.
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2007-03-30 00:20:36
What?! Now Ben has replied in the topic.

legendary wolf = Aiden
The Legend Killer = Ben
The Sniper = Ben as well
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2007-03-30 03:41:48
*points to teh previous post* me am famous.
Post by: johnny boy(260566)
2007-03-30 08:30:11
yeah sorry guys.
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