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Forum: VOW General
Thread: Apology
Post by: The Mad Hatter(237592)
2007-03-19 15:44:22
I apologize.

In the past few weeks, I have been somewhat of a jerk, letting nothing stand in my way of being the best stable on VOW.
I apologize for this.
I apologize to all the people I was rude to, although I have been on a short fuse lately, there is no excuse for my rudeness.

I don't want to say names specificcaly, but I want everyone that was offended by my actions or comments to please forgive me.

I am doing this because 2 months ago, I was on the top of the world, I had many friends on VOW, I had but one or two people I knew of that didn't like me. Then some things changed and all of a sudden, people are trying to take apart Acceleration, people are calling me names, people are provoking me on chat.

That is no excuse for my actions, that is why I apoligize for everthing I have done. I hope everyone can forgive me and we can 'start over'.

VOW is a game of fun, it was not meant to have people bicker and argue over it.

Anyways, that is the end of my apology.

Post by: lopi9(263027)
2007-03-20 06:53:52
Hmmm.. I guess i can forgive u for nothing you did to me...:)
Post by: Atom Ant(263681)
2007-03-20 07:46:53
Post by: denzil(82151)
2007-03-20 19:07:09
if ya think its needed go for it. i have not hurd nothing about it. i see lots worse doing my mod dutys as a chat mod. lol. some times its better to wake up and smell the roses and relize ya have got to change. hell but ya still aloud to make a good stable.

Post by: The Mad Hatter(237592)
2007-03-21 04:44:56
THanks Denzil.
Post by: johnny boy(260566)
2007-03-21 04:47:41
well NM i guess i can forgive you. i guess.

(Grim Reaper(177877)) of course you never ticked me off that much
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2007-03-21 10:42:15
WTH!? you were not even involved, you tried to get involved but we ignored you, so stop trying to get people on-side with apologies and just live your life.
Post by: Craig(170136)
2007-03-21 10:43:13
NM what are ya doing!!!!!!!!!!!

Never say sorry to people on vow, if they have a problem with you just let it go over your head i know i would
Post by: yar(35506)
2007-03-21 13:46:32
I forgive you for making sub par banners rofl kidding:)
Post by: word life 101(66857)
2007-03-21 19:28:21
Post by: tay ncfc(183846)
2007-04-03 07:37:12
i like to boogie... on a saturday night
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