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Thread: VOW Premier League Round 3 Fixtures
Post by: Lincoln(27675)
2005-10-17 17:44:55
Round 3 - October 16-20
tajiri_._tarantula (11016) vs Bam Bam (4959)
Jaysen Chambers (17928) vs Brian Allan (17178)
RVD420 (19748) vs Mr Crappy Pants (12278)
ocelot (2) vs Benoit (32655) 
Boognish (12667) vs Fangblast (6156)

Round 3 - October 16-20
Rikishi (36320) v BALLA2K4SN (12620)
The Armenian Beast (17764) v THE NEW ERA (21025)
Grim up north (47637) v Vex (29502)
Scimitar (19195) v Wiking (4004) 
SniperHolmes (32966) v Thorondor (2381)
Post by: Wiking(14966)
2005-10-18 04:23:13
Id : 1263211

Wiking beats Scimitar in Round 3

Wiking wins by Knockout

Wiking 84 damage

Scimitar 128 damage
Post by: Syrjis(80123)
2005-10-18 17:23:31
Rikishi (36320) v BALLA2K4SN (12620)


BALLA2K4SN (12620) wins by pin

Rikishi (36320) takes 63 con dmg

BALLA2K4SN (12620) takes 85 con dmg
Post by: the n3w era(30824)
2005-10-19 00:58:33
I (TNE) Cant get my challenge up to the Armenain Beast as he hasnt been on for the last three days. I know the deadline is up yet, but I just thought id let you know

By the way, where can we see the table?
Post by: gruchul(66928)
2005-10-19 06:41:14
Grim wins by Pin

Grim takes 7 damage

Vex takes 16 damage

(major under performance again in this competition)
Post by: Lincoln(27675)
2005-10-19 17:15:54
I will post the ladder at the end of this round.

If they haven't been online, you can get an exception to fight later.
Post by: Brian Allan(45150)
2005-10-20 17:06:48
Brian Allan(17178) vs Jaysen Chambers(17928)

Brian Allan wins by pin.

Jaysen Chambers takes 132 damage.

Brian Allan takes 68 damage.

Post by: the n3w era(30824)
2005-10-21 21:24:35
how about a win by default ;)

nah only jokin. Ill fight him
Post by: holmes(63106)
2005-10-22 20:08:21
Thorondor(2381) vs Sniper Holmes(32966)

SH wins by submission

SH 12 dmg

Thorondor 40 dmg
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