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Forum: VOW General
Thread: Looking For A 5 Man Tag Match!
Post by: Bret Hart(73101)
2005-08-21 18:01:47
Faces of Wrestling(14251) is looking for a 5 vs 5 match. Send the tag and tell me about it, and we'll accept... If the match is fair enough for all involved. :)
Post by: Brian Allan(45150)
2005-08-21 21:59:23
How about Exit Light? Me, Jaysen Chambers, Boognish, Mr. Crappy Pants and RVD420? :P
Post by: Dinkus_Warrior(50201)
2005-08-22 16:13:19
haha, if you weren't suggesting it, I was :P
Post by: insane clown(11577)
2005-08-23 09:02:03
BA i will take all u lot on 5 on 1 my tag idea is 2652 set it up if u have the guts
Post by: bse(99463)
2005-08-24 00:39:50
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