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Forum: VOW General
Thread: Div's Tread
Post by: Div(17156)
2004-12-26 13:15:36
Well lots of stuff is going on this is my thread that ill write ill the stuff in..
Not much of you will really give a crap coz im a boring wrestler with a crap name.. and i dont do much..

Well firstly im quiting EPW since VOW is as boring as watching grass grow.
I am most likely to quit VOW when i get all the moves aswell.
Post by: Coneman(325)
2004-12-26 19:32:44
I agree!! VOW is boring as hell now but dont leave...all you damn Australians are getting bored and leaving :(
Post by: bokchoi(49836)
2004-12-26 19:49:48
Thats because we Australians are better than the majority and have other things to do.
Post by: Coneman(325)
2004-12-26 20:02:20
Yes I know =P Lol who are you off VOW anyway =S ?
Post by: mistahspeddles(20309)
2004-12-26 21:43:43
Not this again CB. Don't quit, and I expect to see you here when I get back from vacation.

I don't want to find yet another stable. And I don't want to be in charge either, I hate finding new people for everyone who quits.

VOW isn't a huge deal anymore, but it's just nice to stop in and see a few people.
Post by: Coneman(325)
2004-12-26 21:55:48
Yeah people leaving sucks...and filling their spot is almost impossible.

SO DONT LEAVE...Pure Skill took Cone when he had 50 exp or so...even after I wanted to leave Pure Skill (which I actually did) but you guys talked me back in...even though I was like 300exp behind everyone else so Cone doesnt wanna leave Pure Skill (haha PS for short =P) or have a new leader...
Post by: Div(17156)
2004-12-28 08:37:16
Nice to see a few people care : )
Post by: Coneman(325)
2004-12-28 09:28:58
Lol Cone and Speddles care, what more could you want :D
Post by: bokchoi(49836)
2004-12-28 21:08:01
Coneman, i am St. Jimmy off VOW, a relatively unknown LAW wrestler who isnt going anywhere fast. Because i keep having my commands blocked and it really frustrates me after the first 600 times... Especcially when i wasnt doin anything to begin with...
Post by: Coneman(325)
2004-12-29 10:16:03
Lol make sure not to accept any of my challenges then :D Because I'm doing a whole noob bashing thing to beat goldbergs streak :D
Post by: bokchoi(49836)
2004-12-29 15:39:32
Alrighty then, il be sure to keep commonsense first in mind if you challenge me... on another note, oh, wait, no theres nothing else...
Post by: Div(17156)
2004-12-30 08:18:10
Some Good News: Gettin Back Into VOW Slowly
Post by: Zelk(21465)
2004-12-31 09:57:52
Dont leave CB, how am I ever going to finally beat you if you leave?
Post by: Div(17156)
2005-01-01 10:04:57
Zelk: LOL :D

Well some really really good news..
Im really really gettin back into VOW now :)
If my idea of name changing works..
Well then i dont think ill ever quit :)
Post by: Div(17156)
2005-01-02 11:46:26

There ya go lol

You beat me Zelk!!
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