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Forum: VOW General
Thread: Your favorite Fed?
Post by: Sargeant Rob(21584)
2005-08-15 12:05:49
What was your favorite fed if have been in one. My was Vow Pow that was the best. I was the Hardcore Champion when he closed it :( Ol Garth Rivers. Vow Pow was a last years fed
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2005-08-15 18:13:41
EPW, one of the few feds that were worth something(others on my mind being VOW POW, and the thing of Crappy Pants, forgot the name but with the Double Elimination system; THC?)
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2005-08-15 18:16:07
ToC - althought you can't call that a fed
Post by: Syrjis(80123)
2005-08-15 18:37:44
WCWF :) And NvWA
Post by: Sargeant Rob(21584)
2005-08-16 00:16:07
I havn't heard of WCWF..
Post by: Syrjis(80123)
2005-08-16 02:04:45
That's because it's new...
Post by: Sargeant Rob(21584)
2005-08-16 02:16:34
Since I am back in the game. LAW though. Not surprising.. I might join. I joined last year.. and I had lots of characters :O (---Noob

Wow looking at your Account ID 80123 theres alot of people
Post by: Lincoln(27675)
2005-08-16 13:37:40
Any e-fed which has been around for more than 5 days, has a wrestler with over 200 experience in it... and isn't created by a 50000+ ID wrestler gets my vote... so the list of 100 is whittled down to 5!

And Rob, the master account numbers are up to 120000 now!
Post by: gatcholio(28366)
2005-08-16 15:25:52
of the 17 feds listed in player pages. 2 or 3 have had posts this month. :/
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