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Thread: Xbox 360
Post by: HHH008(218073)
2008-11-11 02:22:04
All things to do with Xbox 360 post here ;D
Post by: HHH008(218073)
2008-11-11 02:26:05
I Gotta admit... Fable 2 is the best RPG Game I have ever played. I have 7 STD's, had a orgy the other day with 10 girls lol.. Best Campaign gotta be Gears of War 2, Multiplayer sucks tho... Takes to long to found a match. Pisses me off.

Anyone have Fallout3? is it good? or CoD WoW?
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2008-11-11 09:49:39
You can put it on fire :)
It has sweet effects ;)
Post by: BubbaG(33460)
2008-11-12 12:05:51

Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-11-12 13:42:19
i payed 300 for a far superior machine. i win.
Post by: Coneman(325)
2008-11-13 04:47:03
Thinking of buying one soon. Got a Wii but there aren't enough good games. Always loved playstations but 360 is significantly cheaper than a ps3.
Post by: HHH008(218073)
2008-11-13 06:44:10
Pfft, i'll rather have a 360 then PS3. More games = more fun ;D
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2008-11-13 09:13:05
What about if you could get one for free?
I'm not implying that I stole one for cousin though...

I'm just saying ;)
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-11-13 19:27:33
More games, that old fail argument? xD
Post by: HHH008(218073)
2008-11-13 23:22:58
Fail? Only thing PS3 has going is Blu Ray and Free live? But hey xbox live is 100x better and only 60 $ A year :) Btw it only cost 450 $ for a PS3. Think it was 60 GB.. same for xbox elite 120 GB.. Oh Yeah Graphics on PS3 is little bit better, server on PS3 = Phailz, you can mod your 360. Free Games. Not sure for PS3. Oh Yeah ;)

360 more dominate - you can play against REAL stars on Rock Band(Slipknot) thats the only band I heard about! Oh Yeah how about Gilbert Arenas on Halo 3?! And Richard Jefferson? And Raja Bell on NBA live 08 n 09?! Oh Yeah Only for 360 ;) Did anyone hear about Gilbert Arenas cheating on halo 3? I Rofl.
Post by: Bulldog Butcher(330287)
2008-11-13 23:40:39
360 FTW
Post by: Backyard Brawler(247809)
2008-11-15 14:16:11
First of all... slipknot sucks

Second of all, I have about 30 free games on my ps3

Thirdly, the cost is about 50% greater per/gb, not double

Also, graphics are better, gameplay is better, the games i can't get on it I can play on my pc and pc pwns XBOX.

I always find matches on PS3's online server and its never laggy or anything... unlike XBOX Live... because people have to make their greatest attempts to win at a video game to make their loser lives seem significant.

Warren, you just say XBOX is better because that's what you have. I've had both... and PS3 blows XBOX away by miles. My PS3 hasn't got the red ring of death 6 times or ruined my games by scratching them, I'd call that worth the extra investment right there
Post by: HHH008(218073)
2008-11-16 02:04:52
Ok, Old 360 mostly gets RROD and scratches your Disc. I have a elite unlike you.

Graphics on PS3 is only little better then 360.. And Plus my 42 Flat-Panel Plasma HDTV is alright.

2nd.. Are you serious? PS3 Live is the way to go, cheaters everywhere. Mods chips, Mod controllers and other lag switches which you dont get banned(PS3). Microsoft actually BANs Cheaters with Mod chips.. Even Tho Mod Controllers are allowed :P.. Oh Yeah, It depends on what kind of connection you have on xbox live. It's either good connection or bad connection.. thats why 360 has more severs since it depends on the host ;).. Where PS3 is limited since it depends on Sony Servers. That's why you lag during online play Rob.. You have a crappy connection ;)

Oh Don't mind me, I've played over at my friends house(ps3).. to me.. PS3 Controllers(Not good for 1st person shooters) and MGS 4 and sweet looking PS3 was the only thing that WoW me ;).. Oh PS3 only has MGS4 and 360 has waaaaaay more better and "epic" Games ;

Plus I didn't start this argument Aiden did.

Since not alot of people play PS3, since System sucks. Instead of getting your money back you want to convince everyone around you, and yourself that the system is better. End of.

Now this is a 360 topic so let's talk about 360? So All PS3 Fan Boys Leave. And Yes i hate Microsoft, I Just love 360. I Z more of a Sony fan boy lol. VAIO Comp n Laptop, Samsung TV.
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2008-11-16 05:33:27
stop posting such long stuff!
i'm not reading them anyway, you two!!!
Post by: Impacter(343349)
2008-11-16 13:01:19
Garrett's X-box live isn't active *points and laughs*
Post by: HHH008(218073)
2008-11-16 22:05:38
Same with mine, till I get my paycheck xD.. 500 $$ w00t w00t. ;D
Post by: Backyard Brawler(247809)
2008-11-17 13:10:13
Warren, I have a T1 line connection, the lag is from idiots who sit there and toggle their router.

Also, Playstation online does ban people. I've been banned on suspicion of cheating because i was undefeated for a year straight on Madden. But it does prove people get banned.

Also, you forget the fact that Microsoft are uber nazi's who seek to control all the world's computer systems, although they are better than apple. There's a reason your XBOX can direct link to any computer on your lan.

The largest creator of viruses in the world is microsofts r&d department, and they create faulty equipment. The first xbox had the same problems.

Your so-called epic games are also available on PC, the top PS3 only games aren't.
Post by: HHH008(218073)
2008-11-18 04:01:35
That doesn't make sense, winning all madden games = ban? Lies. "epic games"? Is GoW 2 on Computer yet? No. So You Phailed.

Post by: Backyard Brawler(247809)
2008-11-18 05:37:23
GoW 2 is available on PC... depends how you get it.

Gears of war is overrated anyway, Rainbow Six is way better and its available for both systems. Not everyone loves retarded fps games, i prefer intelligent fps games.

Anyway, quake blows away them all :P
Post by: NWO(138805)
2008-11-18 09:24:57
BAH! You are nuttier the Denz's fruitcake. GoW 2 rocks!

As for graphixs, it just depends on the game. Some are better on PS3, some are better on 360. I've been an xbox fan since it came out back in 02. I dislike the PS3, but thats a personal preferance, and since Smackdown is on 360, I have no need of a PS.
Post by: HHH008(218073)
2008-11-19 13:04:35
Who loves the new update?! I Do! lulz, i found a classy way to cheat on GoW 2 and CoD WoW.. And it's legit as well xD
Post by: Impacter(343349)
2008-11-19 22:06:55
Warren share your cheating secrets:O
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2008-11-20 17:06:52
Post by: HHH008(218073)
2008-11-20 20:12:14
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2008-11-21 05:59:54
Fonejacker wannabe.
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-11-29 19:39:30
... because you walk 360 degrees and walk away.

(the trap is set *awaits*)
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-11-29 19:40:47
"Who loves the new update?! I Do! lulz, i found a classy way to cheat on GoW 2 and CoD WoW.. And it's legit as well xD "

you can walk out of the map on the castle map but only fags do that.
Post by: HHH008(218073)
2008-11-30 00:55:10
It Takes Skeeelz, I Also Love Doing The Bayonet Jump! Gets j00 ontop of teh 1337 castle! There Other Glitches on CoD 5,

Worst Game Ever.. Glitches? New Glitches Every Week, New Patches Every 2 Weeeks lawl..
Post by: HHH008(218073)
2008-11-30 03:34:38
I Wonder..
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2008-11-30 10:33:59
I wonder what you guys are talking about...
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-12-01 15:10:07
There is no such game as CoD5
Post by: detroit maniac(233270)
2008-12-01 17:07:53
Well, technically World at War is COD 5 cuz it is the 5th COD game
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-12-02 16:28:06
but it isn't
Post by: Backyard Brawler(247809)
2008-12-04 14:31:53
ROFLPWNT Aiden wins
Post by: HHH008(218073)
2008-12-05 12:43:44
Yeah it is, cuz I Said so.
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2008-12-05 14:45:56
When is santa comming to Plit to give us new activity?
I wonder...
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-12-07 20:53:45
PLIT is dead :p my donation ran out so that's 1 less without me :P and without me this place loses it's sex appeal.
Post by: HHH008(218073)
2008-12-09 07:44:14
Arrg Aiden get out of mah threaddddddddddd
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-12-09 18:13:51
But then this thread will also lose it's sex appeal.
Post by: HHH008(218073)
2008-12-10 16:20:01
We need Craig for uber sexah appeal
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-12-11 13:00:43
Post by: HHH008(218073)
2008-12-16 01:20:46
Post by: Craig(170136)
2008-12-17 16:44:14
CRAIG IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2008-12-18 14:02:36
lies Craig is in prison.
Post by: HHH008(218073)
2008-12-21 20:00:53
Post by: HHH008(218073)
2009-01-22 21:53:28
Oh, My Thread Dead. Again. Who Here has Left 4 Dead? With a beastly connection? I need some help glitching achievements but no one has a beastly connection :(...
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2009-01-23 14:15:28
someone offered me that game for 10 yesterday.

but it was for a far superior console :)
Post by: Bulldog Butcher(330287)
2009-01-24 00:00:52
Gameboy Color? :p
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2009-01-24 12:54:10
Gameboy Pocket.
Post by: Backyard Brawler(247809)
2009-01-30 20:38:40
Gameboy win
Post by: Famous Man(399577)
2009-03-09 20:48:13
Halo 3 rox my sox!
Post by: Omen(10371)
2009-03-15 13:31:27
I played on both consoles, yet I chose the PlayStation 3 system. XBox 360 has a lot of games, but that's because it was released a year before PlayStation 3. XBox 360 sold worldwide 27.93 million (as of January 14, 2009). PlayStation 3 sold 21.3 million (as of December 31, 2008). Ahead by a year, mind you, but only 6.90 million units sold ahead of PlayStation 3? Not only that, PlayStation 3 is more expensive than XBox 360 -- go figure! Heh. It just shows that PlayStation 3 is beginning to win the console war again. Like I said before, the only reason I bought my PlayStation 3 was because of "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots." Any other exclusive games are just a bonus. Anyone waiting for Heavy Rain and God of War 3?

P.S. Deadly Force, you know you can't resist reading 'such long stuff' coming from me. Muaha ha haha! Although, this one isn't that long, but will still attract your interest! Behold, Ebola's Stats.

Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2009-03-16 08:42:18
Very nice stats. Now I have some idea which way to go :)
Post by: Omen(10371)
2009-03-16 23:26:47
I wonder who The Legend Killer is in Adventures Fame...
Post by: Captain Stupendous(38517)
2009-03-17 22:40:23
"I played on both consoles, yet I chose the PlayStation 3 system. XBox 360 has a lot of games, but that's because it was released a year before PlayStation 3. XBox 360 sold worldwide 27.93 million (as of January 14, 2009). PlayStation 3 sold 21.3 million (as of December 31, 2008). Ahead by a year, mind you, but only 6.90 million units sold ahead of PlayStation 3? Not only that, PlayStation 3 is more expensive than XBox 360 -- go figure! Heh. It just shows that PlayStation 3 is beginning to win the console war again."

March 17, 2009 Total Console Sales Count:
Xbox 360 = 29.22 million units sold
PS3 = 21.07 million units sold

Within the 62 days between January 14, 2009 and today's date of March 17, 2009, the Xbox 360 added 1.29 million more consoles to its sales total, which translates to approximately 20806.45 consoles sold each day.

Within the 76 days between December 31, 2008 and today's date of March 17, 2009, the PlayStation 3 added 0.04 million more consoles to its sales total, which translates to approximately 526.32 consoles sold each day.

The Xbox 360 had an under 7 million unit sales lead before the PS3 launched in November 2006 and consistently maintained that number it up until these last 3 months in which it increased its lead by 1 million total units sold. What was different about the last 3 months? I'm not sure myself.

Delude yourself with fanboy propaganda that Console A is superior to Console B if you must, but don't ignore the sales trends. In the big picture, the PS3 has not outsold its Xbox 360 rival, but has only matched sales with the 360 up until the last 3 months. Besides, with a 48.10 million unit market share, the only player "winning the console war" of the current generation is the Nintendo Wii.
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2009-03-22 05:03:35
I have more then half on the skills, ebo!
And my level is only half :D

This means I'm stronger, right? ;) hahaha!

right? ...

oh dear, never mind...
And The Legend Killer is the same as on VoW, I suppose :P
Right Ben? ;)
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2009-03-23 10:37:03
Bingo! Actually, I have a few AF accounts who are just sitting idle with randomised names.
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2009-03-28 20:07:47
Ps3 won the console war.

Allow me to explain how

I am awesome
i haz a ps3
therefoer ps3s are awesome

i r winrar
i haz a ps3
therefoar ps3 r winrar

Also... M.A.G. = ps3 exclusive.

plus my ps3 doesn't have a 1/3 chance of breaking and if it does break somehow i get a free new one. Win.

Plus i haz a wii, and that is immense failure. Smash Bros was win mainly cos i got to punch zelda in the face. But other than that, it's like you have to buy a new control every week just to play the crap game which is just a life-emulator.
Post by: Omen(10371)
2009-03-29 15:10:52
ROFL! Legendary Wolf's Explanation FTW!

By the way, I just checked that PS3 exclusive game called MAG (Massive Action Game) and it looked awesome! I hope you could choose between third person and first person during gameplay like Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Thanks for mentioning that in the forum, Legendary Wolf.
Post by: Bulldog Butcher(330287)
2009-03-29 19:43:38
You are too cheap to pay for Xbox Live, i.e. your logic is faulty and fail.That is the only reason people will pay the extra buck for a PS3 :D
Post by: Omen(10371)
2009-03-29 19:52:06
No, the XBox 360 is just too cheap for me to buy. Muaha ha haha! I just love the Metal Gear Solid series and XBox 360 doesn't have the exclusive rights to it -- and they don't have that many exclusive games for 2009.
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2009-03-30 02:40:13
I don't even have a gameboy...

You know, those thingies where we used to play Donkey Kong and Mario on?

Well, I never got me one of those... I allways played them on my computer...

They didn't make great traveling games, but hey... you couldn't complain back in those days... Nowadays 12-year olds complain that they don't get enough mondy for cigarettes!

My dad would have smacked * * * * me, if I said something like that when I was 12!

Well, he wouldn't actually do it, but he should!
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2009-03-30 09:41:26
Up for a game of scrabble Suep? :P

(PS: edit your post before the mods see it XD)
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2009-03-30 15:13:25
Just in time ;)

Haha... It's been a while since I talked here on the forum, so I kind of forgot about the mod-part :D
Thanks buddy! haha
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2009-03-30 15:14:30
Oh, and why scrabble, when you have BAO!

I have to write a paper about BAO! :P It's a mancali-board-game played in africa somewhere...
In Zanzibar and stuff... :P

I kind of started to like the game though ;)
Now for that paper... hmmmm...
Post by: HHH008(218073)
2009-03-31 20:27:12

12 year old? guess again!
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