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Thread: 3-Second Rule
Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2005-01-27 03:45:46
As people have been mentioning, the 3-second rule was put into effect because people were causing (intentionally or unintentionally) high server loads by repeated server requests. On paper, the rule looked good, but in practicality, 3 seconds is an eternity. Peter will be back in the Phillipeans soon and, as soon as he recovers from the trip, will be addressing this problem. I have been forwarding on to him all the comments made in the forum and in some of the chat. We are investigating other options that will achieve the same level of security without impeding rapid game-play. Until Peter gets back online, please be patient and bear with us and he'll get it all straightened out. Thanks.
Post by: gatcholio(28366)
2005-01-27 15:02:32
Thanks, Doug :)
Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2005-01-27 23:31:18
Just got this from Peter:

My local pc crashed so I am trying to get everything running here.

Will try to change the delays to 1 second and see what happens.

Will probably not have a working pc at home before tomorrow or saturday.

Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2005-01-28 02:28:19
Should be fine now.
Post by: Coneman(325)
2005-01-28 19:03:29
It seems to be fine :) but is 1 second really going to do much...I guess it will do something..might just stop talking and confusing myself now :)
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-01-28 23:56:12
i agree, it seems good....i rarely see it the 1 second rule message
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