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Thread: To my best friend Paul. you are married now now wow
Post by: denzil(82151)
2008-04-05 10:50:18
wow i just got home and i feel awesome and very drunk and i love that my best ever bud is now hooked up wih a awesome gal. you know i want to tell the world . i am so happy. after 3 bottles of red and half a bottle of burban i still feel ok. what a night. its just great to feel the feeling your best friend is in total happenesss and he desirves it too.

any way by the way good match Dave for your tittle . now to get the cage title insted. lol I love you all!

Denzil moster! you too mike!
Post by: denzil(82151)
2008-04-06 07:08:04
oops did i write this? oo must have been realy on a bender.
Post by: Captain Stupendous(38517)
2008-04-06 07:52:30
That's ok. Once in a while I visit VOW chat when I'm incredibly drunk.

You are not alone, sir.
Post by: denzil(82151)
2008-04-08 07:05:43
ye at least i was good and did not have to edit my post lol!.

Today was intesting. I started college and i have a class of 13 women and 2 other guys. its a intesting tobait.

one of the girls had to go home and help her BF clean up after he over spilt his washer. one of the other girls said did he not know where the towls where. Yep and my bud says . Well its not in a mans DNA to clean up. Its a womens job. At this time i mentioned to the class my friend is realy a aquantionce truely he is! what he says is not what i belive! we got lots of laughs.
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2008-05-19 09:54:38
So you guys mean you're somethimes sober when you're on PLIT? :D
Damned, i should try that once too!
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