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Thread: Donations - FAQ
Post by: PLIT Staff(264786)
2008-03-19 09:56:38
Hi all

I get a lot of questions from players about donations, and so I'm putting all the general questions and answers here for easy reference.

Q. How to I donate?
A. The donations page is the starting point for your donation. Here, you are given the advantages of donating to the site and three examples of donation time. PLIT Games recommends the use of PayPal to donate is it's simple, reliable and safe. Other methods of donation are possible, however, it would be best to e-mail the moderators or Peter to discuss this. Other methods may also increase the amount you need to send, so this is another reason for PayPal.

Q. What do I get for my money?
A. As well as helping to maintain server costs, you also gain the following improvements to your games.

- No AP Cap
- The ability to use 3 wrestlers
- 2 AP/10 minutes

- No AP Cap (however, you automatically return to 5,000AP when your donation time expires)
- The ability to use 2 parties (no extra cost)
- Access to The New World
- Access to new dungeons
- 100 AP/hour

Space Conquest
- Access to Space Conquest Tournament
- 1 AP, 3 minerals, 1 power/10 minutes

Adventures Fame
- 10 energy, 50 gold/day
- No energy cap

Gang Wars
- 10 AP, $100, 100 food/day

You also don't have the worry of having your account removed from the system due to inactivity.

Q. What is the minimum I can pay?
A. There is no limit to a minimum donation, $1 will get you 4 days donator time (approx), $7 will give you a month. $21 is a recommended amount to start with, although the average donation is around $35 (6 months). The more you pay, the more you get for your money.

Q. Are these prices a bit steep, game X offers donation for $5 a month.
A. Not at all. If you play just 1 game, then you get triple game play for $5-7 a month. If you play two games, you get more for less. If you play all 5 games from time to time, you'll be paying as little as 3 cents per day per game.

Q. I've sent my money off through PayPal, but I have not got my donation time. Why are you taking my money?
A. Once you have paid through PayPal, you will recieve 1 Game Credit (GC) for each $US you send. $36 will give you 36GC.

To convert this GC into donation time, you should go to the donations link (see above) and click on the link "Convert GC to Donator Time".

Here, you will taken to a screen with two text boxes; Account Id and Amount. The default setting for Account Id is your account (please note, the number you use here is the Master Account number) and the Amount is left blank. Above this, you will see the following:
You currently have X.XX game credits to spent.
(Where X = number of credits)

This is how many credits you can spend across whatever you want to buy. So if you had 50 credits, you could spend 25 on donation time (approx 4 1/2 months) and buy some AP (more on this soon).

You don't have to spend all your GC in one go. You can store it for later use, however, GC is non-refundable.

Q. How do I buy AP?
A. You can only buy AP for VOW and SfP, and to buy additional AP, you must have donation time on your account (see last question).

The cost for VOW AP is as followed:
2,000 AP - 30GC
4,000 AP - 50GC
10,000 AP - 100 GC
40,000 AP - 250 GC

To convert GC into VOW AP, please use the "Convert GC to VOW Ap" link. This puts the AP into your account bank, then use the "Transfer VOW Ap to wrestler" link to add AP to wrestlers, using their Wrestler ID.

For SfP, you follow the same proceedure, however, you get 10x the amount of AP for the same cost (100,000 AP for 100GC).

Q. What happens when my donation time runs out?
A. You will lose your extra features, and in order to play VOW again, you will have to detach 2 wrestlers. Your AP will remain on the one you keep, however you will not gain more until you go under the 500 AP cap.

Any questions please e-mail at PLITGames@gmail.com.

Enjoy the games,
PLIT Staff
Post by: Moondog(440976)
2016-09-03 04:15:30
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