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Thread: Suspensions
Post by: PLIT Staff(264786)
2007-05-24 19:21:30
Notice to all players

If you are suspended and are appealing to the mods to regain your chat or account status, please take note of the following things.

1) Include the following account details:
Login Name;
Master Account Number;
E-mail address used to register your account;
Primary Game Account (e.g. VOW Wrestler name and number)

Soon, any e-mail which fails to give this information when appealing about bans will not be answered!

2) Do not e-mail every hour - you only need to send one e-mail
The e-mail account is checked regularly. Sending more than one e-mail will make you look impatient and is very annoying for the moderator who takes care of the e-mail. If someone persistantly sends e-mails, ALL e-mails will be immediately deleted and classed as spam.

3) You do not NEED your chat. They are a priviledge and can therefore be taken away. It isn't a given right within the game.

4) Abuse of any kind towards the moderators will result in further punishments upto and including IP bans.

5) Claiming you haven't read the rules or not knowing the rules will not be taken as a valid excuse for chat bans. When you sign up to PLIT Games and each time you log into your account, you accept the rules and regulations of the games. If you haven't read them, then they can be found here.

6) If you are making a claim against another player, then pictorial evidence will be needed otherwise you have no claim.

To take a screenshot, hold down the Control button and press PrtSc (Print Screen) and paste the image into a graphics program (e.g. Paint, Photoshop) and save it as a .jpeg/.jpg or a .gif file and host it on a site such as Imageshack or Photobucket and send the link.

Please note, pictures saved in personal folders will not be taken as suitable evidence as these can be easily changed.

A copy/paste of the text will also be necessary as this makes the work for the moderators easier.

Also, if you are reporting someone about message insults; copies of all messages sent both ways will be needed. We want both sides of the story and not just what was being sent to you.


Appologies to the players who follow the rules and follow the correct procedure, however, there is an increasing number of players who believe that the moderators are mind readers and know who is taking to them.

PLIT Moderators
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