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Thread: Donate by SMS option
Post by: The Exile(192869)
2007-01-14 13:17:43
I dont feel safe posting my credit card information over the internet (or using pay pal) so I think that a SMS option would be a great idea.

Please make it available for Australia also.

The Exile
Post by: denzil(82151)
2007-01-14 14:45:22
i like the idea of the phone in creadit idea. well done.

But the pay pal and visa cards type of thing is ultra safe. over the last 3 years of doing online purtches i have had 4 on line failyers. the pay pal had refunded my money in days. there is a complaints thingy ya do to get repayed.

as well if you dont like this the visa card set up as well can be good too. why i here ya ask. because of if you get a unothorrized debit from ya account you tell visa and they refund you.

if you place money straight into a acount ya will have no recores of repayment. i have no idea about text payments on the phone. but i did whish to let ya know that pay pal is saf and will repay you if things gose wrong.

as well as donationing to peter he has allways got my ap or membership right. if he was not sure he would email you. but its realy up to you to state what you want ap or a membership and for how long.

i have donated for other players as welll and its never gone amiss. so i hope this helps and makes you more happy with pay pal. cheers and happy game gaming.

Post by: The Exile(192869)
2007-01-14 14:58:00
I do feel better about PayPal now denz, thanks.

But I would still like a pay by sms or mobile phone option, It would be alot easier.

Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2007-01-14 19:40:42
I have to give it to you ;)
SMS would be a lot better :D
If it was possible, i did it yesterday. But instead of that, i asked a friend of mine to recharge my paypall with some money, and i payd peter that way. I do hope i get my donation within 18 houres from now :D Otherwise i loose my enormious amouths of AP :(

But if it was possible, i donated through SMS yesterday too... It's a lot of work putting it on the site tough. A different number for every country, etc...
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2007-01-14 23:00:59
Another one of LK's ideas stolen :P I remember posting this on the forums a while back, and it did get some mixed reactions. Here are a few things which need to be looked at:

- Cost for Peter: I'm sure that setting up this kind of service will cost him something.
- Cost for the player: if the above is true, then SMS donations might cost a little more (I've seen some games where donation by SMS is around $1.50 more per donation)
- Activation of donation: do you get sent an activation code through e-mail, and then type it into a link on the login page? Or does it work like now, once Peter gets your details through text, does he add the donation like he does with PayPal?
- Availability: PayPal is more or less universal, but will SMS donations be the same?
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2007-01-15 09:14:35
well, i doupt it will ever come, as there are to many things to concider. And Pete's a bussy guy ;)

I had my donation in time, so everything worked out fine for me. No worries for another 3 more months, lol...

I think it's my last donation though, but then agian, that's what i sayd the last time. And he time before that. And the time before that too... Stupid addiction :(

Post by: AstonS(157769)
2007-01-26 07:46:57
SMS Option would be great, it would offer the option to alot more people.
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